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Rise to Fame

#1 Music Game: Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria
Top 3 Music Game: U.S., Germany, Egypt


Rise to Fame

Rise to Fame is a unique combination of great music, cool instruments, fast gameplay and challenging rewards!

Become the Rockstar you’ve always dreamt about with Rise to Fame, the first music RPG on iOS!

Smash your guitar, dodge items the drunken public throws at you, and impress the audience. Perform for cowboys and zombies while traveling the world on your way to fame and glory!

Game Features:

  • 22 levels to rock your way to the top
  • 7 stages to rock out
  • Five original rock songs and tough 3D-graphics
  • Adjust the music with special skills
  • Rock your gig and earn money and fame
  • Get the best out of your band with money you’ve earned:
    - Buy instruments, drinks and more
    - Dress your band in outrages outfits
    - Get access to the best instruments to lift your band to the highest level
    - More than 20 skills which you can improve on over and over
  • Fully connected to the entire thumbr mobile social gaming platform

Review: "Refreshingly original"

Score: 5/5


Review: "The animation is slick, the music is lively, and the interactive features are good fun."



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